Untitled (Head) by Jean-Michel Basquiat (1981)

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The work of Jean-Michel Basquiat is bold, intelligent and above all, original. His elegant fusion of graffiti, iconography and Afro-Caribbean imagery captivated the art world of the 1980s, of which Basquiat was one of the youngest and most successful members. Untitled (Head) of 1981, painted when Basquiat was just twenty, is a testament to his immense skill and unique artistic vision.

At the age of 7, Jean-Michel Basquiat was hit by a car whilst playing in the street. While recovering from his severe injuries in hospital, the artist’s mother gave him a copy of Gray’s Anatomy, the famous medical textbook. From the pages of this classic, Basquiat would forever be fascinated by the complex internal construction of the human body, in contrast to it’s more mundane outward appearance.

In Untitled (Head), the artists fascination with the juxtaposition of the interior against the exterior is clear. Despite having teeth, a nose, and eyes, this decaying…

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Like I never left…



So,I visited my school today.It had been a few months. The last time I visited had been the Annual function of my school,where I had received a couple of awards for being the topper, and 100 percentage scorer, and highest marks scorer, and blah blah blah.Also,the campus had been jam-packed that evening.Today,however,since it was after school hours,silence prevailed.No chatter,no bustling, nothing.Not a single kid in sight. None.
You know,I was kinda happy.I was happy for those quite moments, which, let me see…yes!Never existed when I was in school.I mean,I had never seen the school campus so quiet before, and I actually liked the quietness. I know,school is supposed to be bustling with activity,but I liked those peaceful moments with the place I had spent all my life going to.It was actually…nice.You see,I have never been sentimental about my school and friends and stuff. I wasn’t today,either.It’s not about that.But, I…

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Come Back To Me


I lay awake in bed

Wondering if you’re taken

Or if you’re mine

I wonder if I’m still the same

As you knew me

I hate you

But I don’t want to disappoint you

People say I’ve become better

A happier, more respectable man

I want you to see how much I have changed

Since you left

I reminisce the times we spent together

I try hard to forget you

But all it takes is a movie

Or a song

And you’re right back on my mind

My smiles are meaningless and hollow

My emotions shallow

Every inch of me craving for you

I spent a whole lot of time

Trying to get rid of you

Life with you was hell

My love for you was dangerous

It was like swallowing cyanide

With a smile on my face

But I’m addicted to you

To your presence

There’s nothing but loneliness…

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